Resolute Technology Solutions

Job description

There are 2 positions available with Resolute Technology Solutions. Please see the files linked below for job descriptions and select your positions of interest in the application form.

Resolute Technology Solutions - Cloud Engineer.pdf

Resolute Technology Solutions - Cloud Support Specialist.pdf

Job requirements

See job descriptions for specific job requirements.


About Resolute Technology Solutions:

Resolute Technology Solutions was founded in 2005 by Rod De Vos and has since transformed into the full-service IT firm it is today. When the wealth management company that Rod worked for as CIO decided to relocate, Rod and his team members made the decision to stay in Winnipeg and start Resolute, a new IT consulting firm. Since 2005, the team has grown from 5 to more than 65 employees. After more than a decade of completing projects, providing support and making clients happy, employees at Resolute are excited with continued industry growth, engaging with existing and new clients and collaborating with team members while taking on interesting and challenging assignments and projects.