Job description

There are 2 positions available with EcoPoxy. Please see the files linked below for job descriptions and select your positions of interest in the application form.

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Job requirements

See job descriptions for specific job requirements.

About EcoPoxy:

EcoPoxy Inc. is committed to creating, manufacturing, and distributing bio-based epoxies made from annually renewable resources and offer the world an alternative to traditional epoxy resins made from fossil fuels. Because of this, EcoPoxy products offer the safest and best epoxies to use to build a river table and other wood projects.

Our state-of-the-art epoxies are for commercial, industrial, institutional, and residential applications. We are proud to offer natural bio-based epoxies that empower you to imagine the possibilities and create masterpieces out of waste materials.

What we Value:

People come first. We offer competitive compensation, support local workers, and maintain critical safety measures.

We inspire our customers’ creativity through a community that provides support and ideas. We do this by using social media, our online resources, and by providing great customer service.

We're constantly redeveloping our products to lower our carbon footprint and create environmentally friendly options.

We were farmers first. Agriculture is our life so we know the importance of bio-based options that don't take resources out of the global food supply.