Fall 2020 Recruitment Mission - November, 2020

Talent Recruitment Mission for positions in Winnipeg, Canada

We are preparing for our next mission! 

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Consider an exciting and rewarding career in a great city at the centre of Canada! Top companies are looking to hire talent to work and live in Winnipeg, Canada. If you're a professional working in tech, manufacturing, aerospace, or trucking, we look forward to speaking with you and showing you what a career in Winnipeg has to offer. Note that Manitobans and Canadians are also encouraged to apply.

Applications will be processed immediately and space is limited. Apply now to increase your likelihood of securing an interview.

Companies hiring in Winnipeg

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Coming to Canada

Skilled workers, entrepreneurs and students from all over the world are making the city of Winnipeg in the province of Manitoba their new home. The region offers high employment, affordability and peaceful living in the heart of Canada. One immigration stream includes the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program for skilled workers. Through the program, spouses of nominated applicants are eligible for work permits here and your immediate family is included in your application for Canadian permanent residency. For more information on relocating to Winnipeg, visit Immigrate Manitoba.

Life in Winnipeg

Winnipeg is ready to welcome you to your new home. Our city boasts a high quality of life, affordable cost of living and multi-industry opportunities. Compared to other major Canadian cities, Winnipeg is a great place to work, live and raise a family. Winnipeg offers affordable housing for both rentals and home ownership and short commute times compared to Canadian averages. Winnipeg offers safe and family-friendly neighbourhoods, affordable childcare and a great public school system. The city is a four-seasons city playground with a diverse arts and culture community, thriving culinary scene, major league sports teams and outdoor activities in the city and at nearby scenic parks and lakes. Winnipeg has one of the most stable economies in Canada, a low unemployment rate and strong protections for workers' rights. Learn more about Life in Winnipeg.

Welcome to Winnipeg

See what it is like to live and work in Winnipeg